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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thursday Grammar Tip ✒️
Vahe Habeshian
Director of Publications

Hello, discerning marketers!

Quick, tell me what's wrong with this sentence: "Share this with whomever needs to know."

Some of you might argue with me when I say "whomever" should be "whoever." After all, it's the object of the preposition "with," right?

But, no, it's not. Well, it's only part of the "object," which in this case is not a single word but an entire clause: "whoever needs to know."

Within that clause, "whoever" acts as subject, not an object: You'd say "who needs to know," not "whom needs to know."

It might help to think of it as you might about the order of operations in a math problem, with whatever is in parentheses being calculated first/separately: "Share this with (whoever needs to know)."

So... feel free share this tip with whoever might need to know. 😉

(We'll continue to occasionally share writing tips in upcoming issues.)

* * *

In today's issue you will, as usual, find some useful marketing know-how, starting with an article on how to retain customers, followed by an insightful and entertaining conversation on what makes for a good customer experience, and some handy research data on the marketing tactics most searched for online.

Of course there's more, so scroll down so you don't miss it.

* * *

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us.

See you next week,


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