2020 felt frustrating and uncertain but there's a lot to be hopeful for in 2021. First, and foremost, a message of hope: we should be proud of the job we did last year. As marketers, we surprised ourselves and delivered to customers, even when everything felt stacked against us. We somehow figured it out and delivered!

Listen to it later:

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Then there's the sheer amount of change we helped facilitate, ushering in monumental transformations, at both the corporate and customer level, in record time.

It's this dedication to the customer that brings Jeannie Walters to the Marketing Smarts podcast. Jeannie's not only a wizard at customer experience, she's also leading our upcoming Master Class on the topic.

But before we get to what this episode's about, dear reader, I have a discovery to share.

It turns out...

  • That there is a thing called "bullet coffee"
  • That it entails putting perfectly delicious butter into your coffee
  • And that Jeannie is a dedicated adherent

My mind is still blown from this revelation...

This episode is a fascinating look into how the shift to a Zoom culture has impacted brands in surprising ways. By affording people opportunities to interact in ways that would have been unheard of just a decade ago, brands that have have been struggling to humanize themselves have actually benefited. And those brands that were at the forefront (specifically airlines, as we've talked about in previous episodes) continued to be the gold standard and earn the trust and allegiance of their customers.

Jeannie shows us how even the things we probably never think of, like supply chain management, can be of critical importance when working to humanize your brand. If there's a toilet paper shortage, we need to admit there's a problem. Let customers know we are aware of it, are working on it, and feel their pain. It's this transparency that can have significant positive impact.

An amazing customer experience doesn't just happen by accident, though; it takes work. There's a lot that goes into creating a memorable customer experience: collaboration, coalition building, governance, reporting back. It's hard work, but the payoff is tremendous.

In the end, once you understand what's really in a person's head and heart, you can deliver to them. But, as Jeannie tells us, if you skip the heart part, you'll never be able to.

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