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+ How-To: Five Marketing-Accountability Resolutions for 2011 
+ PRO: Staff Favorite Case Study—SEO and Sex
+ Survey Says: As Android Surges, Smartphone Market Heats Up
+ Quick Take: Four Ways to Boost Response With Welcome Emails
+ My View: Marketing Facts Can Be Squishy Things
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Advertisement  Did you know that welcome emails with links to social media have six percent higher click rates than those without? Click here to learn more and download The welcome email report: Benchmark data and analysis for engaging new subscribers through email marketing.
How-To Five Marketing-Accountability Resolutions for 2011
By Laura Patterson
Marketing accountability was a key topic of the last decade—and as 2011 kicks off, it looks like that's not going to change. Apply these five marketing-accountability resolutions to improve marketing measurement and performance. Read More
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PRO Staff Favorite Case Study: SEO and Sex
Think SEO and sex don't go together? Think again. In this PRO case study, we reveal how effective SEO and sex can be the tantalizing combination that gets people to listen up and take notice. Read More
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Advertisement  Proven to Increase Interaction and Transaction On Your Site
From the first interaction, to purchase, to referring your business - customers who trust you buy more. See how TRUSTe has helped thousands of organizations like yours do business more effectively to increase interaction, conversion, and loyalty throughout your customer lifecycles.
Survey Says
As Android Surges, Smartphone Market Heats Up
Look out Apple, there's a dark horse in the race between the leading mobile players. Google's Android mobile operating system (OS) is rapidly gaining market share in the US—particularly among new smartphone buyers—though it hasn't overtaken Apple's iOS. Read More
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Quick Take
Four Ways to Boost Response With Welcome Emails
First impressions are everything—even when it comes to email. If your company doesn't send out welcome emails, you could be missing out on remarkable opportunities, such as increasing long-term engagement with new subscribers by 33%, according to this article. Read More
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My View Good Today, Bad Tomorrow: The Squishiness of Facts
By Paul Barsch
Marketing professionals rely heavily on fact-based decision-making, but what holds true today may not hold true tomorrow. The best way to deal with "proven" facts is with a healthy dose of skepticism. Read More
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Forum Today's Question
By Josephine Posted 1/05 at 2:30 am EST
I have uploaded help videos of my software products on YouTube. What can I do now to increase my video views? Go To Question
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