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Thursday, October 04, 2018
Welcome to the second issue of our updated newsletter!

Or, if you didn't open Monday's (tsk, tsk), welcome to your first view of our new look. In fact, our whole website has been redesigned. So what do you think? Got a suggestion for us to make it even better? Email us here. This site is for you, so don't be shy!
Are Your Value Propositions Working?
Email Marketing Campaign Management: A NEW Learning Path
Talk Triggers Authors Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin on Marketing Smarts
Holiday Shopping Trends for 2018: Consumers' Spend and Gift Plans
Social Selling for LinkedIn: Seven Practical Tips [Infographic]
Are Your Value Propositions Working?
Great deal! Buy now! But why should people buy from your brand instead of the competition? That's where your value proposition comes in. Want to know if your value prop is helping you succeed—or fail? Get started with these five steps.
Give Them Something to Talk About: 'Talk Triggers' Authors Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]
Want your customers to hear all about it through the grapevine? (That "it" being your brand and your messaging.) To learn how to use word-of-mouth to spread brand awareness and encourage more purchases, listen up! (or just read the article).
Email Marketing Campaign Management: A NEW Learning Path
Four full courses! Twenty-five lessons! Crazy-good experts as instructors! This learning path walks you through every step you need to take to run a successful email marketing program. It's practical. It's immediately useful. It's easy to implement... Why wait? Hop on the path to email success.
Holiday Shopping Trends for 2018: Consumers' Spending and Gift Plans
There are (only) 82 days until Christmas, but marketers have been thinking about this important season all year. This research shows that most consumers plan to spend this year as much as, or more than, they did last year on holiday gifts. See who is spending on which products.
Social Selling for LinkedIn: Seven Practical Tips [Infographic]
You know you might find your next job on LinkedIn, but can the platform also help you make your next sale? Yes, yes it can. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for driving conversions and sales. Read on to learn how.
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"Signs you're doing it right. Check out the @MProfsEvents @Marketingprofs B2B Forum keynote speakers. 4 women, 3 men, 4 people of color. Support events that support the world you want to see." —Tweet by Christopher S. Penn (@cspenn)
Nine new words in the SCRABBLE dictionary—from "Bestie" to "Frowny" to "Zomboid" (guess which one first made it into Merriam-Webster in 1864 but was yanked in 1961. "Impress your friends and annoy your relatives with these recent additions," as M-W says.
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