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A value proposition is a statement or promise you make that attempts to position your brand as worthy of being noticed and purchased from.

Basically, a value proposition helps your customer answer the question: Do the benefits of buying from your brand outweigh the cost?

If you don't know the value propositions that make your brand and your products worthwhile, then your brand will never stand out in the crowded digital space (or elsewhere). You must know what makes your brand, along with its offerings, valuable—or it will get lost among all the other companies selling similar products or services.

Maybe that's why 69% of brands have established a value proposition. It helps them find and focus on their niche.

Here's an example of a used car salesman who really knows his value proposition:

Like it or not, he knows that his primary value proposition, "You should come to my business because you normally can't get a loan," is his best one for getting customers in the door.

You don't have to be as forward as John Loman, but it's worthwhile to identify and determine which value propositions are successful.

But how do you know whether your efforts are working?

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Acadia Otlowski is digital marketing manager at B2B demand generation agency HIPB2B.

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