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 This Week's Marketing How-To
Five Simple Link-Building Tips
By Oliver Feakins. Spammy, automated link-building products often never cultivate valuable links and tend to do more harm than good. Here's how to do it right. Get the full story >
 Editors' Pro Pick
See How Social Media CAN Be Measured
It can be difficult to get support for social media if you can't show return on investment. See how companies like Nissan, OfficeMax, and BMC use the latest measuring and monitoring tools and techniques to track their campaigns. Read more >
This Week's Top Articles

How Pioneer Achieved a Whopping 60%+ Click-Through Rate for Its Online Ads
CASE STUDY: Here's how Pioneer Electronics earned amazing click-through rates on its targeted online ads. (Note: this case study will revert to Pro access—i.e., paid content—in 14 days.) Get the full story >

Six Keys to Writing a Great Proposal
By Doug Stern, Jaclyn Landon. Here are six suggested best-practices intended to not only maximize your chances to stand out and land the job, but also manage the risks. Get the full story >

Innovation Matters: Balancing Sustained vs. Disruptive Innovation
By Eric Zeitoun. While we struggle to emerge from a full-blown recession, and budgets continue to be trimmed, how can marketers continue to innovate? Get the full story >

50% Click-Through Rates? Yes, You Can!
By Stephanie Miller. By managing data and segmentation, and finding the customer sweet spot, Publishers Clearing House has been able to consistently earn 40% click-through rates. Get the full story >

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One-to-One Video Marketing: Interactive Campaigns That Won't Break the Budget
February 11

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Are You a Linchpin?

Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin, is about doing what matters: Finding something within yourself that ignites... wait a sec, no: something that you ignite.


Unlike Seth's other books, this one feels very personal. It challenges each of us to create, invent and lead. It reminds us that we have options—now more than ever.

It tells us to make Art: not necessarily like my son does with clay, or like I sometimes do with words, or with paint or paper or cake frosting or boiled wool, or whatever you might want to use. Rather, "art" is what we're doing when we do our best work.

In essence, Linchpin urges us to matter, and to make a difference, in whatever we choose to do.

It's one thing to say I liked the book, but it's another to say that it stayed with me. After I finished it, I would find myself turning over in my mind something I read from it, like you might turn an interesting beach stone around in your hand.

It would happen unexpectedly, too: when I was in the carpool lane at school or sitting at a traffic light, and there it was. I can't think of higher praise than that, really: It mattered to me.

Check it out, when you get a chance.

Here at MarketingProfs, we are big fans of Seth. Among some of the best things we've done together are two online seminars (two of more than 195 seminars in our library). Listen to these, on demand, here: How to Avoid The Meatball Sundae and Eleven Big Ideas.

The recordings are from January 2008 (Meatball Sundae) and August 2006 (11 Big Ideas). But still, they are "Classic Seth." It's no surprise that there's plenty of inspiration and food for thought in both, years later.

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