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This Week's Marketing How-To
Five Ways to Maximize ROW (Return on Webinar)
By Kimberly Smith. How can your webinar receive a standing ovation? Get the full story >
Case Study: What Works!
How a New-Product Launch via Facebook Resulted in Immediate Sales, Ongoing Consumer Relationships

Get the full story >
This Week's Top Articles

What to Do When Growth Stalls
By Steve McKee. Given what we're facing in 2009, how might companies respond? Get the full story >

Knowing What Matters—Your Success Criteria—Is a Guiding Light in the Dark
By Nilofer Merchant. Deciding what success looks like will drive what matters. Get the full story >

Spring Is Here: Time to Unclutter Your Email Marketing
By Karen Talavera. In the spirit of spring, let's do some email cleanup. Get the full story >

Maximizing Lead-Generation Marketing ROI, Part 2: Insight, Alignment, and Action
By Jim Lenskold. There's no doubt that alignment is good, but what must you ultimately accomplish to drive performance and profitability? Get the full story >

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April 30

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

Two Cool Things

Greetings, discerning readers. Two cool things to share with you this week, both free.

First, check out our newest Get to the Po!nt newsletter, Marketing in a Downturn.


As the name implies, the latest in our series of Get to the Po!nt newsletters speaks to the specific challenges of marketing when the economy sputters.

Like all of our Get to the Po!nt's – Marketing Inspiration, B2B, Interactive Marketing, Customer Insight, Search, Email, Analytics – the newsletter itself is bite-sized; meaning, you can ingest the whole thing in about 60 seconds. And this snack makes you smarter, too. What more could you want from a bite?

Intrigued? Don't forget to opt in.

While you are signing up to receive Marketing in a Downturn, scroll down to the bottom of the page. The last title on the page, High-Tech Marketing, is next in line to launch, likely within a few weeks. Its spot-on marketing advice will offer sound, specific wisdom to (you guessed it!) marketers in the high-tech space. If that's you, sign up here.

If you like what you see, or you'd like to see something you didn't, drop me a line. My door, as always, is open.

PS: Do you know your CRM from your CEM? Your "User Experience" from your "Experiential Marketing"? Do you know what Customer Centricity really means? If you mouthed "no" to yourself, then you might want to check this out.

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