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What Matters Now in Branding: Ten Ideas to Get Refocused

Jonathan Salem Baskin
Thu., May 21, 2009, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 3.5 star(s)

What aspect of your branding is working for you these days? Your consumers are harder to find, more difficult to convince, and almost never loyal, even though you're probably using some of the best, most innovative, and ever-more creative digital marketing. This seminar will help you ask better questions about your brand before you reach for the next marketing answer:

  • Could social media campaigns prompt brand behaviors, not just engagement?
  • Should my PR firm go beyond "mentions" to "actions" that help define my brand?
  • Might there be more ways to get my organization involved in delivering our brand?

The last thing you need are "new rules" for marketing, as your consumers are still living according to the "old rules" of reality: Give us meaningful stuff that's relevant to our lives, and price/support it so we can enjoy the benefits. Your client or employer need you to to get more tangible, sustainable value from your branding, and that means you need to start making marketing work in new ways.

You can take a leadership role in changing your company's expectations, starting with the next project. This seminar will launch ideas you can use immediately to make your decison-making smarter, faster, and more effective.


Jonathan Salem Baskin has worked for 27 years translating branding strategy into something more than images and words for Apple, Blockbuster, ConAgra, and many of the other businesses in the global brand name alphabet.

His latest book, Branding Only Works on Cattle, is both a synthesis of his thinking that behavior is the true trigger and measure of brands, and a hands-on guide to creating and delivering a radically new model for branding. One reviewer called it "thoughtprovoking stuff," and another said his tome is "a witty guide...[from a] merry iconoclast." The book continues to sell around the world, prompting thoughtful and spirited conversations.

Baskin also writes a bi-weekly column on marketing leadership for Advertising Age's "CMO Strategy" section, a twice-weekly column on brands and technology for InformationWeek, and a daily post on the fantastic and foolish in brand marketing at the award-winning blog, Dim Bulb.

He has also been a keynote or featured speaker at major events around the world, including: The International Consumer Electonics Show; the American Marketing Associationʼs mPlanet; the Conference Board's Corporate Image and Branding Conference; the Direct Marketing Association's Leadersʼ Forum; and the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Marketers of any level, from CMO to assistant, who see the branding challenge and are impatient or unconvinced with traditional responses
  • Executives from operational departments who'd like to make a more meaningful impact on marketing
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who aren't official "marketers," yet are the owners and stewards of their brands

What Will You Learn?

  • Which brand strategies once worked, but don't any longer
  • How old branding ideas doom even our most creative new efforts
  • The attributes of successful 21st Century brands
  • When and where those qualities are best delivered
  • Who within your organization are your natural brand-building partners

You'll leave this seminar with a novel, forward-looking definition for what you brand could be, and detailed ideas on how to help your business deliver it.

Editor's Note:

This seminar will be a great precursor to next week's seminar, Breakthrough, Creative Ad Campaigns that Make Men Do What You Want, with Steve McNamara. Plan on attending both!

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