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This Week's Marketing How-To
Why Gen Y Is Passing You By
By Kimberly Smith. What works in enticing a new generation of buyers? Get the full story >
Case Study: What Works!
Generating Serious B2B Buzz With Dead Bugs... and Video

Get the full story >
This Week's Top Articles

Five Top Tips on How to Write More-Effective PPC Ads
By Nick Usborne. Your pay-per-click ad is not the place to cram your latest sales message into 95 characters. Get the full story >

Ten Essentials of Software-as-a-Service Solution Marketing
By Peter A. Cohen. Here are 10 essentials of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution marketing. Get the full story >

Data-Driven Campaigns: Five Ways to Leverage the Customer Data You Have to Drive Conversions and Sales
By Morgan Witt. We must speak to our customers individually as best we can, through data-driven strategies. Get the full story >

Achieving Relevance in Direct Digital Marketing: An Introduction
By Bryce Marshall. There are five keys to making a relevance-centered approach a reality. Get the full story >

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Cracking the Code: Web Analytics for Paid Search Advertising
June 25

A Note to Readers
from Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer

New MarketingProfs Home Page Redesign

Greetings, discerning readers! This week, we introduced a new home page at to reflect two things: the increasing "daily-ness" of our site, and new regular home for Premium content.


Here's what you see, specifically: MarketingProfs Daily has replaced the rotator in top left column with another box featuring all of our freshest content. Updated several times a day, the top left box contains all the daily content that's published to the site.

To its right, in the top right rotator, you will now see Editors' Premium Picks, which will feature the weekly premium content and premium items available to paid members. The articles that appear in this newsletter appear below the Daily box.

Why'd we make the changes? We hope to increase awareness of our daily content —in other words, give you a reason to visit the MarketingProfs site outside of Tuesdays, when this newsletter is mailed. The truth is that we publish all kinds of great stuff every day here at MarketingProfs; this new design highlights "What's New Today" much more effectively.

At the same time, in the upper right, we sought to feature Premium content in a specific, regular location, so that visitors will know where to look going forward. I'm not very good at sports analogies, but I guess I'd say it's like giving Premium members a "home plate" on the page: a place to kick off their visit to MarketingProfs.

Thanks for stopping by, and please do check out the new home page design at MarketingProfs. And let me know what you think. We thrive on feedback.

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