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Most business people don't think of themselves as in control of their lives. And by and large, most are not.

Why? Because they don't know how to prioritize.

Here is a look at 11 tips to guide you in your life journey. Take them in stride, act on them as you see fit, and perhaps each of you will become a better person or--at the very least--find out what matters.

1. If you are afraid, face it.

It's okay to be afraid, just never give up because of fear. Focus on the outcome, not the journey. No matter how scared you are, do the things you want to do. Remember the mantra from our heroes of 9/11 when even in danger they said, "We'll make it. We'll get out of here."

2. Persistence and perseverance always win out.

"No. No. No." "No thank you." "That's great but not today." "Get back to us in six months." "We have no budget." "Your idea stinks." "Our budget doesn't allow for that kind of expense." "Top management has mandated we go another route."

You can feel lost, fail a lot, but you must never give up. Keep trying. Sooner or later your efforts will pay off.

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Laurel Delaney (LaurelDelaney.com) is the founder of GlobeTrade.com and the creator of "Borderbuster," an e-newsletter, and The Global Small Business Blog. She can be reached at ldelaney@globetrade.com.