The most dominate reason for failing, as a sales manager is apparently invisible to most managers.

Most manager's feel it, see it, experience it... they just don't recognize it! They can't see the forest for the trees. By the time you finish this article you will have the reason and the solution to make your business grow.

You may think you already know the reason most managers fail. Just for fun, stop for a moment and come up with what you think is the number one reason (before I share this revelation with you). Please, do not continue until you have the answer that you think is correct.

Now, why do you think I want you to answer the question first? Simple! If you happen to have the wrong answer, then the right answer will have much more impact on you. Kind of like, "AHA!"

OK... have your answer? Then let's continue.

Understanding: Failure as a sales manager is probably created by the same attributes that made someone successful as a salesperson.

As a salesperson you focus on your personal results, not someone else's. To be a successful sales manager, you must take off the salesperson hat and put on the Sales Manager's hat. Your job performance will now be evaluated by the results achieved by someone else.

Some Sales Managers do not instantly recognize this fact. Many good managers were only average as a salesperson. However, their empathy, work ethics, sound judgment, etc. paved the way to promotion. You can be a great manager without being a great salesperson.

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