The days of having an intranet just because, well, it's a good idea--are over.

As a manager, you need to deliver hard data that justifies investment in your intranet. You need to show that a dollar spent on your intranet will deliver more value that a dollar spent elsewhere. Otherwise, your budget will shrink.

When should you choose your intranet as compared with other forms of communication (verbal, print)?

1) When you need to get information quickly and cost effectively to a large number of people who are geographically dispersed.

2) When you require a consistent, trustworthy message to be communicated.

3) When your knowledge is changing rapidly.

4) When you can use your intranet to effectively automate processes.

Quick and Cost-Effective

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Gerry McGovern ( is a content management consultant and author. His latest book is The Stranger's Long Neck: How to Deliver What Your Customers Really Want Online, which teaches unique techniques for identifying and measuring the performance of customers' top tasks.