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Are you afraid of alienating your customer with your marketing? Do you always feel like a stranger in their inbox? Do you know specifically when to keep marketing, and when to stop?

Well, stop looking so puzzled. In this article I'm going to bring home to you exactly how to join the dots. You will learn just how much to market, and when to stop.

Yes, it is a science, and it applies to online as well as offline marketing. So, pay close attention.

Why Dennis Was Fuming

Dennis McConnell was going nuts, literally. He sailed merrily into the office this morning only to find seven unsubscribe messages in his inbox. This was in response to an email he sent out marketing his upcoming Power Photoshop workshops.

His merriness took instant flight. His mood transmogrified into the color of winter, and the sunshine outside didn't seem to count for much. (Yes, it's still toasty summer in New Zealand!)

From angry to stupid in twelve minutes flat

Like most marketers, Dennis spun around 180 degrees. He pulled the plug on his marketing and decided to send even fewer emails to his subscribers. Why anger them, he thought?

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