If your business stops and sputters for any reason whatsoever, here is an excellent email tactic that you can use in your marketing. Whether you're marketing online or offline, here is how you can get your sales rip-roaring once again. All you need is an understanding of this facet of customer psychology. Read on!

Richard Was Not a Happy Camper

Richard Palmer's fancy downtown clothing store was in big trouble. He arrived at the store one morning in June to find a road-works project well underway. The bone-shattering roars of jackhammers hit the pavement with monotonous frenzy. And the cement dust swirled around outside like it had a mind of its own. And it found its way into his store.

Richard was appalled—with the dust and the mess it caused, and at the fact that his sales were choking on it as well. He watched in horror as sales plummeted from thousands of dollars a day to less than a few hundred—on a good day.

The reason for this fiasco was clear. In their eagerness to avoid the road-works traffic snarl, potential customers stayed well away from his area of town. And when they did venture in, they avoided his side of the road. This went on for days, even weeks. And Richard didn't have the patience to keep seeing red in his account books.

Goodbye Disaster, Hello Customers

Rather than drowning in his own tears, Richard turned to the immediacy of email delivery. Announcing the Jackhammer Sale, he promised discounts and incentives if customers came in when the jackhammers were at their noisiest.

Segregating his customers, he offered preferred customers a free shirt if they bought one; not-so-regular customers got varying gifts, all of which were reasonably tempting for them to make a trip to the store.

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