Are you avoiding learning about headlines because you're not a copywriter? Better not, because no matter whether you make a PowerPoint Presentation, sales call, or write an email, you're going to need these little babies. The last thing you need is a headline that will go glug-glug and take your marketing strategy down with it.

Ok, now that I've got your attention, belt up as we roller coaster our way into the science of how to recognize the power behind the headline. Find out for yourself the precise psychological reasons why headlines entice us.

How We're Going to Play the Headline Game

Let me play tour guide. First, I'll give you three sets of headlines that really work. I'll identify the trigger in the headline. Then I'll tell you the psychological reasons WHY they work.

Right after that, you take over and implement these headlines in your marketing strategy. Comprende? Let's go.

Psychological Trigger No.1: Question-Based vs. Statement-Based Headlines

Do you make these mistakes in English?
Do you know where you fail in your marketing strategy?
Is Internet marketing driving you crazy?

Ladies and Gentlemen…Presenting the question-based headline! A headline that beats the living daylights out of a straightforward statement-based headline. When tested, a question like, Do you know where you fail in your marketing strategy? gets far more attention than, This is where you're failing in your marketing strategy.

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