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Does your marketing campaign tend to go suddenly quiet?

The phone should be ringing off the hook, your Web server should be crashing with the number of orders, yet all you hear is the sound of silence. One psychological factor could throw your entire marketing campaign out of whack. What is that factor? And how can it make your campaign come alive again?

Read this article to solve the puzzle.

Grandma's Never Moved So Quickly!

Let's go back to the '70s. Imagine we're in a department store. You, me and a whole lot of other people. No one seems to be in any sort of hurry. You're looking at beachwear, I'm looking at some shirts and we're not even remotely thinking about jeans. We're not even thinking of buying anything.

Then suddenly there's an announcement.

“Attention, K-Mart shoppers. We have a Blue Light Special in the Men's department: Levi's jeans for only $19.95. Hurry, this sale ends when the blue light stops spinning.”

You hear it before you see it. It's a low rumble. Then seconds later, like an army of wildebeest on the move, a multitude of shoppers seems to roar ahead. And God help you if you're in their way!

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Sean D'Souza uses age-old psychology, marrying it to modern technology, on his Web site, psychotactics.com. Can "psychological tactics" make a difference? Go there and find out.