You first hear a jingle in the distance.

It's soft but audible. And it's kind of familiar.

About four seconds and one millisecond later, you hear doors being slammed. Excited, shrill voices fill the air. The quiet of the afternoon is suddenly punctuated with kids enthusiastically scanning the horizon in anticipation of something.

That something is the ice cream truck.

Within bare minutes, the ice cream man's customers line up on the sidewalk, jostling for space and extremely eager to buy.

What does the ice cream man know that you possibly don't?

If you did, your Web site window shoppers would become instant evangelists. Your phone would demand “overtime” as soon as your brochures hit a client's desk. Your presentations would get your potential clients pumping your hand so excitedly, you'd be afraid they'd fracture it.

You know what's coming, don't you?

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