Product publicity—on the Web and in print publications—is by far the most efficient way to generate leads and traffic for your site. Nearly everyone enjoys reading about what is new, and publications respond by publishing tens of thousands of such announcements every day at zero cost to the marketers involved.

But despite the large number of announcements published, many times that number are rejected for a wide range of reasons. This article will provide information that will help you get your announcements into the broadest range of publications that reach your target audience.

1. Collect and Organize the Facts Before You Start

The press is going to decide how much attention to pay to your announcement based on the amount of news value that it sees in your new product. That's why it is so important to work closely with the development team to dig out the type of facts that will attract the interest of editors as well as readers.

News value usually boils down to being the first to provide some useful capability or combination of capabilities. Product development types are often a bit coy about tooting their own horns, so it may take extensive questioning to reveal unique advantages.

It may also be necessary to research competitive offerings to accurately define your “first.” It's usually possible to come up with a “first” even if the product provides just an incremental improvement.

For example, your product may not be the first to offer feature A, B, or C, but it may be the first to offer A, B and C combined, or the first to offer A, B and C on the XYZ platform.

2. Write the Release So It's Ready to Publish With Little or No Editing

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Jerry Fireman ( is president of Structured Information (, a company that provides marketing communications services on a project basis.