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Let's be automobile marketers for the next few paragraphs.

We create a strategy for launching a new car. An exciting, sleek and stylish, innovative, luxury car.

We've done the research. We know the demographics, the geography, the disposable income level required, the advertising venues. And we've found the ideal unique sales proposition.

Eventually we roll out the ad. And the headline reflects that best-of-all-possible Unique Selling Points (USPs):

“The New Slasher21XV. Goes Forward When You Put It In Drive.”

Whacky eh? But why isn't it a good idea?

We've told the truth. We've defined something that is important to everyone. We packaged the message and built first-quality promotion for it. And we've put it in the hands of highly competent sales people.

But in the end we promoted something that, from a marketing standpoint, is absolutely meaningless. And the reason it's meaningless is obvious—it promotes something that's not a selling point, but a core requirement. A car isn't a car if it doesn't go forward in Drive.

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Michael Fischler is founder and principal coach and consultant of Markitek (markitek.com), which for over a decade has provided marketing consulting and coaching services to companies around the world, from startups and SMEs to giants like Kodak and Pirelli. You can contact him by clicking here.