“One of the keys to success is stability.”

Sound like the Dalai Lama? A CEO? The president of the U.S.? No, it was a reef aquarist speaking about how the chemical contents of a fish tank are not as important as keeping its level consistent enough for marine growth. Sustained growth depends on a stable environment.

It is also true that organizational stability is a vital component of a healthy company. Buyers buy from companies who will be there in the long term, with stable products, prices and support.

In this article, we focus on how to communicate this to your marketplace in a powerful way.

How Do You Show Stability?

Today's marketplace has become very sensitive to company integrity and credibility. In the past, buyers looked to just the basics: years in business, stock market performance and brand presence.

Today, the market requires more than Dow reports, product advertisements or flashy public relations campaigns. Buyers need to see stability demonstrated through the actions of the company. It's that old adage: actions speak louder than words.”

Many companies use press releases that tout their successes. Careful - buyers are more sophisticated than ever before and require more than a company pounding its own chest.

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