Ed is at the gym, every day, at the same time, at the same place, and does the same routine. Good for Ed!

However, today Ed is actually paying attention to his workout routine instead of going into that hypnotic state that he usually zones in to. Something is different… there is NO sweat trickling down Ed's face.

As he lifts that same dumbbell, at the same weight, for the umpteenth time, he says to himself, “I don't get it. This routine has always worked for me in the past. I sweated like crazy, my physique was changing, and I was realizing really good results. I looked good! What's happening? Have I lost my edge?”

Yes, Ed… you have. And what about you reading this… have you lost your edge?

In today's business climate, getting to your marketing Edge is crucial. There is a lot of competition for the consumer's attention. Not just from your competitors, but from the consumers' own life in general.

Consumers buy when they trust in something that they perceive enhances their lives and comes from a credible source. Getting their attention long enough to demonstrate this value is key. Give them an experience that turns into a valuable relationship.

Be different. Be bold. Embrace a strategy that will set a tone (like this publication that you're reading right now), activate sales, and communicate to your target audience.

There are innovative ways to get your product into their hands. There's nothing virtual about this approach. Let them touch it, feel it, play with it. This series of articles is about new ideas that will give your marketing and sales the edge. However, if you're not up to trying new things, you might as well quit reading now.

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Linda Kazares Linda Kazares is founder of Face-to-Face Connect <www.f2fconnect.com>