(This is the second article of a three-part series.)

Bob's been holding his breath since the last installment to find out just what to do next. Of course, he passed out a long time ago. He just didn't realize it was time to take that next step on his own. Do your programs pass out over time? Read on to get some great ideas about reviving your energy, success and blood flow.

High-Return, Low-Risk Ways to Get the Edge

Now that you're ready for a workout, let's explore what's out on the “edge.” Imagine that your conference room whiteboard has been completely wiped clean. Make sure those ghost images that sometimes cling to the plastic disappear before you start this exercise. In fact, move that white board out to the beach for a new perspective.

Forget any preconceived notions about what we're going to say, even after we say it. Take it in, let it bubble around in your brain for a day, then adapt elements to your situation. Here we go.

Develop Your Tone

Use a tone that stands out and gets your point across. Like this article, it is direct. It has short sentences and bursts of information that keep your attention. It shakes things up a little from the usual dry, marketing white paper. Use words beyond “new and improved” to get noticed. Most of us have a “usual vocabulary.” Find your way out of the status quo.

All aspects of your edge marketing programs must incorporate the tone you set for the particular strategy from beginning to end. For example, from the direct mail invitation to an event, to the email campaigns about the event, to the event itself, it needs continuity.

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Linda Kazares Linda Kazares is founder of Face-to-Face Connect <www.f2fconnect.com>