This article will not empower you to leverage the paradigm shift of the new globalization platform in seamless, value-add enterprise solutions.

What was that? It's just a bunch of bull, right?

Unfortunately, typical marketing communications are full of buzzwords that use “powerful” language in an effort to communicate a message. They succeed only in blurring their message so that it becomes meaningless.

Your Next Impression May Be Your Worst

When people read bull-laden copy, several things may occur, and they're all bad.

The reader may read on with a skeptical mind, summarily dismissing your message as untrustworthy—not good when you have a mission to accomplish. She may abandon the piece altogether—disastrous in terms of getting your message through. She may modify her impression of your product or company in an adverse way—this could affect not only an immediate buying decision but also future business.

Copy that fails to ooze credibility and earn trust tends to create a domino effect. The downside of weak marketing copy is as immense. With enough bad vibes out there, you might even hear the stampede of customers—running away from your company in droves.

Clean Up Your Copy

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Dan Limbach Dan Limbach ( is the Director of Marketing and Product Development for Siren Interactive in Oak Park, IL. (