Are you looking for ways to find new markets and customers?

Companies today realize marketing their brand and selling their offerings only in the United States is becoming even more challenging. Businesses are facing fiercer competition, smaller customer segments resulting from corporate downsizing or businesses closing their doors, as well as the change in consumer-buying behaviors fueled by an unpredictable economy.

All types and sizes of companies in a variety of industries are finding undertaking a global approach is imperative if they plan to keep their competitive edge and secure their future survival.

Becoming a global player is even more of a necessity today. Doing it well is critical to help ensure a smooth entry into new marketplaces—and being fully prepared to "go global" is essential to ensuring long-term success and meeting return on investment (ROI) expectations.

To do it right, businesses today have to be committed to spending the quality time needed to strategize and test their global game plan.

Too often we hear, “I have a global presence. The company's communication materials and vehicles are translated to speak to our international audiences.” Unfortunately, translating one's Web site or print materials into different languages isn't the only requirement to ensuring your business is ready to “go global.”

Understanding how your internal operations and employees will function and manage a global business model is key to getting out the gate with a running head start.

Why Globalize?

  • Expansion into new markets = new revenue streams
  • Create new distribution channels
  • Increase market share
  • Increase brand reach and awareness, introduce products/service to new customer markets
  • Adhere to the market's needs and demands!
  • Establish your brand as a global player giving your business the competitive advantage

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Karin K. Schaff is President/Marketing and Communications Strategist at 3rd Floor Up, Inc. (