Catalogs are pouring in our mailboxes. Do you know what that means? Holiday shopping games have begun! BizRate, the folks who often ask for your feedback after you've made an online purchase order, is forecasting that online holiday sales for 2003 will go up a whopping 22% from last year: 2002 sales totaled $15.04 billion, and this year they are expected to reach $18.35 billion. (Source: About Retail Industry).

What can you do to get a chunk of that cash? How do you drive shoppers to your Web site? If you're already successful at getting electronic traffic to your store, then how do you sell specific items during slow sales times?

One example is a historic hotel's attempt to attract customers: it enjoys heavy-duty weekend booking and sweats bullets getting customers during midweek. Enter this issue's dilemma from the hospitality industry, where you, SWOT Team Star, can help a historic hotel with online marketing advice.

Thank you, also, for sharing your expertise on strategic planning. Read on to check out your peers' best advice on how to get your process back on track.

If Web traffic doesn't concern you, or if your process never flies out the window, write to us and ask our SWOT Team about your dilemma. Tapping into our collective experience, strength, and hope works. You could win a free copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

SWOT Team, unite and make a difference!

This Issue's Dilemma

SWOT Category: External Opportunity

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