Managing customer relationships can be a challenge even in the best of times, but what about when a business is struggling financially? As humans in crisis, our tendency may be to avoid the situation, be less than direct with customers, or try to smooth things over until a solution has been reached.

These tactics can do more damage than good, making an already-difficult situation worse. SWOT Team, this issue's dilemma is the use of PR for damage control. Can PR pave the way to recovery for a company coming out of financial difficulty?

If you've encountered tough financial times (as many businesses have), let us know how your company dealt with the situation. Or perhaps you've been a customer of a company facing financial challenges. Share with us the benefit of your hard-learned lessons. Sensitivity, integrity and damage control in the face of financial difficulty are things we should all carry in our repertoire.

Revisiting our previous dilemma—maintaining loyalty through a transition—read below your peers' best advice.

If you've been fortunate enough to escape the financial pitfalls of business, let us know what keeps you up at night. What dilemma do you take with you when you leave the office? Your peers would love to help. Write to us and ask our SWOT Team about your dilemma. Tapping into the collective strength, wisdom and experience of this group works. You could win a free copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

SWOT Team, unite and make a difference!

• Give advice about this issue's dilemma.

• Read your peers' responses to the previous dilemma (below).

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Yvonne is a “customer engagement coach” and President of EVE Consulting, helping companies achieve sustainable market leadership through the power of customer engagement.