These days, metrics and measurements are the order of business. Strategically and tactically, the latest tools, techniques and technology bolster our efforts, delivering on the promises of the Web frontier.

But have we gone too far? Does having the ability to capture, store and analyze data on the minutest details of customer behavior mean that we should? Just how much information is required to be effective in one-to-one communications?

SWOT Team, this issue's dilemma questions managing metrics. If you believe that the sales are in the details, tell us how you manage the flow, storage and mining of data in your organization. Or if you think less is more, where do you draw the line on metrics and still keep it meaningful? How far should we go in capturing the details of our Web site visitors' behaviors and actions?

Revisiting our previous dilemma—read below for your peers' best advice on the dynamics of digital versus print.

Prefer to leave the details and data to others, let us know what keeps you up at night. What dilemma do you take with you when you leave the office? Your peers would love to help. Write to us and ask our SWOT Team about your dilemma. Tapping into the collective strength, wisdom and experience of this group works. Also, you could win a free copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

SWOT Team, unite and make a difference!

This Issue's Dilemma

SWOT Category: Internal Strengths

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Hank Stroll ( is publisher at InternetVIZ, a custom publisher of 24 B2B e-newsletters reaching 490,000 business executives.

Yvonne is a “customer engagement coach” and President of EVE Consulting, helping companies achieve sustainable market leadership through the power of customer engagement.