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We want to thank all of you who recently joined the SWOT Team. You provided excellent advice to the Internal Weakness posed two weeks ago: Help! My CEO is a Roadblock! Read below for your peers' best advice.

In case you missed our first column, joining the MarketingProfs SWOT team is easy; and it may reduce the daunting task of performing a SWOT analysis in your organization for internal strengths, weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats.

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This Issue's Dilemma:

Swot Category – External Opportunity and External Threat

Telemarketing: Dialing for Dollars Is Harder Than Ever.

It's cheaper, quicker, and easier to communicate today than ever before. As a result, both consumers and business people are demanding tighter boundaries to limit access to them. Telemarketing and email marketing receive the most attention, as they are the most pervasive. Do-not-call and spam legislation is being passed in an attempt to shield people from undesired messages. Marketing practices that used to be just annoying are now becoming illegal and less effective.

So, what's a legitimate marketer to do? It is clear that doing the same-ole-same-ole is not working. Telemarketing organizations feel the pinch. Some are trying different tactics to stay in the 'outbound' call business. Yet, it is harder to market to someone who fits the marketing profile, may be a legitimate buyer, but is on a do-not-call-list.

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