Is killer content killing you? Too much of it? Not enough? Do you notice the months getting shorter and your deadlines rolling around with increasing frequency?

If publishing a regular email newsletter is becoming a chore, or a huge headache, listen up for seven nitty-gritty tips from the trenches. (Tips are written specifically for HTML newsletters.)

1. Re-Examine Why Are You Publishing

If you've published for a while (say, at least four issues), you've established a track record with your readers. But what are you getting in return?

Most e-newsletters are a cross between a branding tool and a lead-generating tactic. Evaluate which yours is. And which marketing tactic is more important to you right now. If you're not generating a significant number of leads with each issue, you might consider cutting back to bi-monthly (every two months) or even quarterly.

You'll get more ROI out of your e-newsletter if you continue to publish it, rather than run out of steam after four or five issues. E-newsletters as successful marketing tools are a long-term tactic.

2. Assign a Point Person

Designate an inside point person to keep track of all the details. Whether or not you are using a Web-based service to deliver your e-newsletter, you need at least one staff member whose job responsibility includes "getting the newsletter out."

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Debbie Weil is an online marketing and corporate blogging consultant based in Washington, DC. She blogs at and Visit her main site at