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Crafting those first words or sentences that entice readers to click through for the full story is both an art and a science. Successful teasers draw on the basic principles of direct response marketing as well as good journalism.

Sex and money are always attention grabbers according to my favorite journalism professor. (That's all people are really interested in, right?) Money is easy. Just add in specific dollar amounts or dramatic percentage increases.

What about sex? More about that below, along with the five tips. First, here are two before and after examples to show you what works and why in a teaser.

Example #1: Thanks to Bizjournals.Com for Letting Me Mess with Their Copy


Article title: Old friends can be best funding sources

Teaser: He thought ace salesmanship would make his new company go. But he found out marketing without money didn't work. Here's how he found the funding to succeed...

My rewrite:

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