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Making Marketing Matter With the New York City Brand: An Interview With CMO Joe Perello

by Roy Young  |  
October 21, 2003

Joe Perello was appointed Chief Marketing Officer of New York City by Mayor Michael Bloomberg this April, and by September he had signed a $166 million sponsorship deal with Snapple.

He began his marketing career at, and spent 10 years with, MBNA, the credit card company, where he learned about the emotional allure of sports marketing and the power of direct marketing. He has worked for other well-known brands, including the New York Yankees and David Bowie.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Joe about his work with the Big Apple to learn how to leverage a brand asset.

Young: How is marketing organized at the City of New York?

Perello: The Mayor appointed me to generate revenue through marketing vehicles, commercial means primarily. And, basically, marketing means growing jobs, growing tourism through marketing.

So our approach to this challenge is to first identify what marketing assets we have. What does it mean that we're in New York City if you're also a marketer or if you're an advertiser? What do we have that you would care about?

New York City is a brand. Actually, it's a great brand. The Brand Asset Value ranks New York City 13th among 2,400 different brands with respect to its richness and imagery.

What it doesn't have is a way to represent itself the way other brands do. There's no official trademarked logo or set of logos or marks for New York City. Now there are logos that come underneath the City of New York, and that would be the Fire Department, the Police Department, which have been recently registered. The Parks Department has a beautiful maple leaf. There are other marks that the City has that it either owns or will own. And those are the sub-brands underneath the umbrella brand of New York City.

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