Marketing professionals are responsible for the overall communication of products, services and brands. Because your Web site is such an integral part of your communication strategy, doesn't it make sense to put more content control into the hands of marketing experts?

Increasingly, companies are realizing that to maximize marketing effectiveness, it's mandatory to give some level of control of Web applications to marketing professionals. The rise of new job titles is one indication that many companies are getting it; directors of interactive marketing, directors of Web content and other professionals are bridging the divide between marketing strategy and technology.

Content management solutions (CMS) are simplifying online marketing and information strategies for thousands of companies and marketing professionals. A CMS ensures that Web sites are in sync with marketing goals by putting the power to manage information into the hands of the right people—the individuals who are creating it.

Interactive agencies are also rapidly learning that embedding an easy-to-use commercial CMS inside their Web designs helps them to win more client engagements and satisfy their customers.

Here are five reasons why marketing professionals should have the power to manage content on Web sites:

1. Control online brand and message

With a content management system, marketing staff can take an active role in managing the full spectrum of content that supports your brand—text, images, logos, calendars and even Web forms that give you critical insight about your visitors and their needs. With a CMS, marketing controls the message and ensures that it's in sync with business goals.

A CMS makes it easy to maintain centralized control of brand assets while decentralizing content management to marketing pros. Distributed marketing teams can collaborate to produce and run interactive Web sites that reflect the latest brand identity and message—updating them immediately, not next week.

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David Aponovich is Director of Marketing at Ektron, Inc. (