“I just delivered one of the best seminar presentations of my life,” said the professional. “Too bad only six people showed up.”

All too often we hear such (very avoidable) laments. Firms decide to build and market seminars. That's good. The people who must deliver the seminar in those firms spend days making sure they do a great job. That's good, too.

Unfortunately, in too many organizations the efforts for building seminar attendance often miss the mark. Too many dollars and too many hours are wasted on attendance building tactics that just do not work.

So what happens? You give up on seminars.

Please, don't. One of the most effective ways to build a professional service practice is to produce and deliver short (half-day or shorter) seminars, speeches and events. Indeed, you will not find too many people disagreeing that speaking is a great marketing technique.

The right reaction to our poor professional who had only six at his seminar is this: don't give up the seminar; give up the marketing tactics you used.

If you do plan on taking the time and spending the money to produce, prepare and deliver a presentation or mini-seminar, here are seven event-marketing tips that will help you fill your room.

1. Marketing Timing

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Mike Schultz is president of RAIN Group, a global sales training and performance improvement company, and director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research. He is the bestselling author of Rainmaking Conversations and Insight Selling. He also writes for the RAIN Selling Blog.

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