Imagine yourself in a helicopter over Milwaukee, USA, on the sunny morning of June 13, 1998.

You look down casually on the crisscrossing tangle of roads along Interstate 94, and then do a double take. You can't believe your eyes.

It seems like there are hundreds of moving objects on the highway below. Maybe even thousands. You watch in horror as a veritable sea of black advances like warrior ants into downtown Milwaukee.

You hastily reach for your binoculars and your heart goes thump, thump, thump. Thousands upon thousands of Harley bikers, swathed in trademark leather atop shining chrome bikes, seem to be invading the city.

What should you do? Maybe you should call the newspaper. The police, perhaps. Surely Milwaukee needs some sort of warning.

But it's too late. The bikers are already in the city.

Then You See the Fluttering Flags

The roads of Milwaukee seem to be lined with cheering people. Flags flutter in the sunshine. The roar of the crowd seems to drown out the sound of the helicopter.

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