In marketing, is persuasion all that it takes to convince a customer to buy?

If that were the case, customers who were swayed by your logic would snap up your goods and services instantly. Yet a persuasive marketing strategy is clearly not enough.

Ask Anna, if you don't believe me. Because Anna was mentally drooling as she scanned the brochure.

She had wanted to study Spanish as long as she could remember. And now, for the first time ever, the stars seemed to be aligned in exactly the right position for her to learn the language.

She had the time. Money was no problemo. She sure had the willingness. But as she scanned the brochure sent to her by the Spanish Institute, her pencil-thin eyebrows furrowed. Her face muscles tightened. Her brain screamed the dreaded “M” word out loud.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

How did a red-hot prospect like Anna turn into a cold fish despite so wanting to buy? What single trigger had forced her to postpone a sure-fire decision?

As a marketer, you must understand this powerful psychological trigger, or you'll be leaving behind whole chunks of almost-guaranteed profits. So what's the secret of the second reason why customers don't buy?

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