Job hunting has striking similarities to a marketing project.

The operative “P” words for a successful campaign are positioning, process and persistence, followed closely by performance, personality and pricing. The product is the candidate.

For a candidate to have the opportunity to sell his/her value to the targeted buyer/employer, the strategy driving the search has to be effective, which means choosing the correct focus and developing the right approach. Your job search project may be one of the most demanding, and rewarding, campaigns you will ever experience.

Let's look at ways you can stack the deck in your favor by increasing your knowledge and job search implementation skills.

1. Positioning

The first step to launching a successful campaign and propelling it forward is to identify what makes you a unique candidate. With such stiff competition, it is imperative that candidates distinguish themselves.

This means creating a message or an identifier that is remarkable and memorable, one that will separate you from the pack of resumes hitting recruiters' desks. It is sometimes difficult to develop this for yourself, especially if your career has depended on doing this for others. You may want to seek advice to establish your value objectively.

What is it that you do better than others? What is it about you that enables you to succeed where others don't? Is there something in your background that others easily remember?

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Debra Feldman, executive talent agent, JobWhiz, networks purposefully on behalf of senior-level executives developing targeted new contacts that produce unadvertised job leads and build positive reputations. Follow her on Twitter and like to make inside connections.