Over the course of this series of articles, I laid out some of the basic approaches and philosophies that I take when it comes to positioning in the B2B marketplace. Some of you agreed. Some of you didn't.

That's as it should be. There are no fixed and unmovable rules to positioning—for that matter, to marketing in general.

There are no “five easy steps” to any aspect of it—from writing headlines that sizzle to developing positions that don't fizzle. Marketing is a craft, not a science. And every successful marketing program is made by hand, by talented craftsmen, sanding and sawing and staining a unique creation—a marketing structure—that works for their company and no other.

No rules for positioning. Only logical, consistent, smart approaches.

No rules.

Well… except for one.

Positions must be earned in the B2B marketplace.

In the consumer marketplace, this is often not the case. There, positions are mass manufactured. Pick a position and throw branding at it. Nobody cares if Bounty paper towels are really The Quicker Picker Upper. Or if Coke is really The Real Thing.

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Michael Fischler is founder and principal coach and consultant of Markitek (markitek.com), which for over a decade has provided marketing consulting and coaching services to companies around the world, from startups and SMEs to giants like Kodak and Pirelli. You can contact him by clicking here.