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I've finally done it! I've found a way to become Jakob Nielsen, the Internet's usability prophet. The Martha Stewart of the home arts. The Bill Gates of nerds. The Alan Greenspan of economics.

I can now possess Jakob's thoughts, drive his car and, most importantly, redesign his Web site, into something that is both usable and attractive.

Isn't it about time?

Since I can now read Jakob's mind, I can now understand why he won't redesign the Web site. He feels that the site is usable, and that's all that matters.

But I feel that the site is boring—and, well… how shall I put it? Uninspired?

Nah, that's a bit too nice. Let's just say ugly.

Whoa Jim, are you honestly calling out Jakob Nielsen on his Web site? Who do you think you are?

To answer my own questions, Yes, I guess I am calling him out. And I'm not anyone special, just a Nielsen fan who expects more.

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