While dominance has been touted as a marketplace nirvana, the reality of the global marketplace has brought with it an unanticipated, strange and painful consequence: somehow, dominance has become as much a liability as an asset.

Small, nimble competitors can emerge from nowhere, move with blinding speed and subvert industry incumbents because incumbents can't respond quickly and effectively. Disconcertingly, dominance can disappear almost overnight.

To survive—let alone thrive—in this climate requires creating and continually renewing a spirit of disciplined entrepreneurship.

Disciplined, renewable entrepreneurship is the source for continuous generation of "disruptive innovations"—products and services that alter the rules of the competitive landscape—in your favor. It ensures rapid, effective response to evolving customer needs. It's the source of employee passion, creativity and commitment.

Yet, fewer than 3 in 10 executives think that their organizations are very entrepreneurial. Over half of executives admit that their organizations lack entrepreneurial role models and leaders do not really encourage entrepreneurship. Creating corporate entrepreneurship is clearly a conundrum.

Creating disciplined, renewable entrepreneurship is possible, but doing so demands significant changes in how we build, lead and manage companies.

Discipline and Creativity

Discipline is the brains and brawn of the entrepreneurial enterprise; creativity is its heart and soul.

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Dr. Dean Robb is president of Robb Consulting, LLC (www.robbconsulting.com). Reach him at drobb@robbconsulting.com.