Long before the Internet, E. Jerome McCarthy developed the 4 P's of Marketing as a “global managerial approach.” Product, Price, Place and Promotion provided a useful system for marketing in the physical world.

However, in today's virtual world—a world that could barely have been conceived when the 4 P's were developed—the dynamics of the 4 P's have changed:

  • Products are as much defined by the Internet, as they are available to purchase through online stores.

  • Price can be set dynamically based on customer demand and behavior captured using Internet technology.

  • Place, for many companies, involves hundreds or even thousands of connecting links and order channels all flowing through the invisible network of the Internet.

  • Promotions can be personalized and customized to reach millions of individual micro-markets at the click of a mouse.

Do you still rely on the 4 P's in your organization? Have you replaced them with Web or customer-centric principles of your own? This issue's dilemma asks, With the Internet fast approaching the 10th anniversary of commercial use, do the 4 P's still hold relevance in your world today?

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Revisit our previous dilemma—read below for your peers' best advice on the use of visitor data for your web marketing initiatives.

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This Issue's Dilemma

SWOT Category: Internal Weakness

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Hank Stroll (Hank@InternetVIZ.com) is publisher at InternetVIZ, a custom publisher of 24 B2B e-newsletters reaching 490,000 business executives.

Yvonne is a “customer engagement coach” and President of EVE Consulting, helping companies achieve sustainable market leadership through the power of customer engagement.