Confronted with the growing challenge of generating high-quality leads in an overcrowded and highly skeptical marketplace, many companies are turning to live Webinars as a way to meet their objectives.

But not all Webinars are created equal.

What makes the difference between a Webinar that enjoys high attendance and audience participation—and nets quality leads—and a glorified infomercial whose participants simply tolerate the presentation and click away to never come back?

Are Webinars just another way to recycle a white paper or salvage an investment in vanity marketing copy? Is there more to this form of interaction than grandstanding sales egos looking for another turn in the spotlight? The answer is, emphatically, Yes. But as this marketing form becomes mainstream, there are pitfalls to beware of. This dilemma asks: How do you go from glorified infomercial to high-quality lead generation?

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This Issue's Dilemma

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Hank Stroll ( is publisher at InternetVIZ, a custom publisher of 24 B2B e-newsletters reaching 490,000 business executives.

Yvonne is a “customer engagement coach” and President of EVE Consulting, helping companies achieve sustainable market leadership through the power of customer engagement.