As buyers and managers, women account for just over half of all corporate purchasing power. As business owners, they're responsible for employing more people in the United States alone than the entire global workforce of Fortune 500 companies. Women started 70% of all new businesses over the last decade, making them a prime audience for companies selling to small business.

Consumer goods retailers and manufacturers have studied the psychology of selling to women for more than half a century. From the influence of elevator music in the grocery store to coordinating car colors with the hottest fashion colors on the runways of New York, specialty marketing to female consumers is commonplace.

However, more and more companies are beginning to question the importance of using a specialized marketing approach to reach women in business. Do women executives and business owners use different criteria in decision-making and vendor selection? This issue's dilemma asks: How important is it to tailor your marketing approach to women in business?

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This Issue's Dilemma

SWOT Category: External Opportunity

Do we need a special marketing approach for our female clientele?

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