Throughout history, innovators and entrepreneurs have been feared, shunned or held in awe, sometimes all at once. There is something to be said for those who stand in defiance of the status quo: those who take on the naysayers and the doubters to champion the cause of customers whose needs have not been adequately met.

Surely, after many years of experience, failed attempts and hard-won victories, the collective wisdom of these entrepreneurs can be packaged and passed along to those coming up behind. Of course, every company, product and technology is different. But much like the 4 Ps formula so widely used by marketers the world over, there must be a set of guidelines for success when it comes to innovation.

From incubators to accelerators, mentors and investors are willing to share their expertise. However, much of the innovation education appears to be tied directly to financiers. Is there another way that entrepreneurs, who have put both their ideas and their money on the line, can learn the ins and outs of the innovation path and avoid the pitfalls of their predecessors? This issue's dilemma asks: ”Excuse me… I seem to be a little lost. Can you tell me where I might find an innovation road map?”

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This Issue's Dilemma

SWOT Category: Internal Strength

How can we bring our innovation to market? Is there a road map?

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