When you're the lone person in a business, you are the product, and it's up to you to “toot your own horn.” While some entrepreneurs easily tell others about the value they provide, others find it uncomfortable to do so.

Sometimes listing achievements feels like showing off, and clients don't like doing business with a showoff. Yet promoting yourself is paramount if you are to grow your one-person shop.

Companies with PR and other sales/marketing staff can let them “talk up the person and the company.” A few businesses hire consultants to help with publicity and promotion, but not everyone has this luxury.

Even if the press releases are well written, sending them out yourself can come across as if you think you're the end-all, be-all (which you have to think of when you're a one-person band). How do make your “product” sing without hitting a wrong note?

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In a previous dilemma, Dalton wanted to know if getting a degree would help his already-impressive marketing career. See below for what your peers think.

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