How many times did you switch majors in college? Do you work in a career related to your degree? Did you start in marketing?

Most of us change careers throughout our lives. With an unpredictable economy and people living longer lives, career switching is common.

A new career in marketing can be challenging. Today's college students majoring in business with a focus on marketing may find it difficult to obtain jobs in the field immediately after graduation. Not every student even knows whether she wants a marketing job. Nonetheless, the student who poses this week's new dilemma has two things going for her: she knows what she wants, and she has work experience.

We would like to hear how you came into your marketing role. Was it planned or by accident? How can college students or career switchers make the foray into marketing? What works? What doesn't?

Not into career moves? Perhaps you have challenges working with a colleague? Let the SWOT team help you out. Or maybe you have a marketing process that is not working. Give us details, and we will ask the 100,000 “MarketingProfs Today” readers what they would do. Write to us and pose your dilemma. You will receive a FREE copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing, just for dropping us a line with a new topic to explore.

This Week's Dilemma

How do I break into marketing?

I'm still a college student who has been lucky to expand and enhance my MarCom abilities for the past five years though work experience. In the last year, I was placed into the position of Director of MarCom (I'm sure due to trust in me and lack of budget); anyway, I have matured through this position faster than I have with anything learned in business school, and now I am considering a venture into different industries to get more experience. Where do I start? How did other marketing professionals come into their careers? How do I convince people I might actually be good at what I do despite my age? I plan on continuing my degree through my university, but in the meantime, where do I begin?

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