Employment experts spread the gospel that if companies provide training and knowledge to employees, then employees return the favor through loyalty, growth and satisfaction. Managers believe, however, that when they hire employees, these workers should already know the job—and besides, when belts are tightened and companies look for cheap labor overseas, there is no room in the budget for training.

Yet, industries and fields change. Like doctors who must attend seminars on a regular basis to stay up to speed in their fields, why shouldn't marketers? What's the price of training as opposed to losing an employee and spending time and money to search for a replacement who may or may not be as good?

Often employees are disgruntled when attending company mandatory training, which is not the same as career-related training. With budgets slipping away, it's easy for training to be one of the first line items to go. What is the value of training? Has it lost its luster?

Got enough training dollars? Pose another dilemma to our readers. Is your marketing organization well balanced, or is it lacking resources? Are you cringing when dealing with a boss or colleague? Struggling with leadership or morale? Send smoke signals and provide details, and we will ask the 100,000 MarketingProfs Today readers what they would do. Write to us and pose your dilemma. You will receive a FREE copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing, just for dropping us a line with a new topic to explore.

This Week's Dilemma

How do you convince management to budget for training?

Our large teleco used to partially reimburse employees for college classes, but they cut back on those benefits to stay afloat and avoid layoffs. I'd rather keep my job than have training benefits.

The training benefits aren't the same as sending employees to professional training, conferences, and seminars; but our budget was slashed there, too. Despite these challenges, it has me thinking about training's role in business.

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