Ever provide information and later find out you made a mistake? Admitting you're wrong is humbling. But admitting you're right, knowing you're competent enough to do the best job, can be more challenging.

Most of us will experience many job changes throughout our careers. While you can do your best to prepare for and ensure a promotion, sometimes a promotion comes when you least expect it.

You smile as your boss tells you the news and think to yourself, "Why me?" And before you even begin to calculate how much more money you'll earn per week and how your responsibilities will change, your supervisor stops you in your tracks. He gives you your first deadline under your new title and tells you he expects great things from you.

This week's dilemma discusses when to use your game face, when to admit you don't have all the answers and where to get the knowledge you need to do your new post justice. How do you find the tools you need to be successful in a new marketing position?

If you've been prepared for every single promotion you've been given, what other challenges keep you from doing your best? 100,000 "MarketingProfs Today" readers are available to help make your job less aggravating. Submit your dilemma and receive a complimentary copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

This Week's Dilemma

Help! I'm in over my head.

I have worked in accounts all my life. My company, a small ISP, had a promotional campaign last year and I was asked to help coordinate it. My bosses liked my input so much that one year later I'm promoted to Marketing Rep. Now, this is a new area for me and I must admit it bothers my confidence as to what kind of a job I can do with it. I'm not even sure where to start. I'm trying to enroll in a college to do a degree in marketing. But the work starts now. The competition in providing Internet access is stiff and we only provide dial up access. What should be my first approach, my strategy for taking on this new position? How do I learn the basic stuff that governs marketing—and get the tools I need to excel in my new job?

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