Tom Peters, in his The Pursuit of Wow!, discusses creative ways to turn readers into "proactive, action-oriented winners in the marketplace."

As Peter says, "Being average has never had much appeal. Better to fail with flair in pursuit of something neat." (Of course, as Homer Simpson says, "Trying is the first step toward failure." But that's another article.)

Especially if you have a great product or service in the offing and a fired-up sales team, you want to launch with a great, juiced-up marketing campaign. You need the WOW factor.

When you need the WOW factor, or when you need to make your company, product or service stand out from the rest, where do you turn for inspiration and creativity?

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This Week's Dilemma

Pursuing a WOW campaign to market products

We have a great product, the marketing support materials are in place and the sales team is hungry, but we want to add a "wow" factor to our product launch. Where do we start in our search for creativity that leads to a wow campaign?

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