Although being invisible has its advantages in the world of superheroes and make-believe, it's a decided disadvantage for businesses. That's how many service companies—who have intangible "goods" to sell—sometimes feel when it comes to marketing their own offerings: If customers can't touch and feel a "product," it can be a hard sell.

Service firms have to find a way to make their products visible, to show what results or benefits come out of them, to make them "live." It's not easy, but it can be done. What is the best way to make the strengths of your services obvious? How do you successfully market services?

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This Week's Dilemma

Marketing the invisible: services

Our business is a service, and it's harder to sell something you can't see. We've collected testimonials from satisfied clients, but that is not enough. How do we convince prospects of the benefits or results that will come from our services? How do we market services?

—Lynn, Principal

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