Those who win in Fantasy Football have two things in their favor: good players and luck. Picking the best players in the league does not guarantee success, because there are injuries, trades and flat-out bad seasons.

Many variables affect the outcome of the game, just as in business. Aside from luck, you want to pick the right opportunities to grow your business, just as you would want to choose the best players to improve your chances of winning.

Unfortunately, there's no crystal ball to tell you which opportunities will succeed and which will fail. Instead, you can arm yourself with information to help make the right decisions. What process or evaluation model would ensure your decisions have a better chance for success? How do you evaluate opportunities instead of relying on luck?

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This Week's Dilemma

Turning the odds in our favor

I have a number of opportunities or alternative products/services that could expand my business. I am not sure what evaluation model or process to implement to compare the opportunities. How do I evaluate those opportunities?

—Riley, Owner

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